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Theatre Under The Stars, Houston


Music & Lyrics by Frank Loesser   Book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows

JUNE 12, 2018
Directed by Nick DeGruccio
Choreography by Julio Agustin
Musical Direction by Stephen W. Jones
Set Design by Ryan McGettigan
Lighting Design by Steven Young
Costume Design by Colleen Grady
Sound Design by Andrew Harper
Photos by Melissa Taylor

"Director Nick DeGruccio is wise to how audiences will interpret the show today, and presents a masterclass that could be called How to Make a Classic Production More Accessible to Modern Audiences. His progressive cast is among the most delightfully diverse group of players I've ever seen on stage in Houston. His intentional choices, such as replacing the typically male role of commanding boss Big Jule with Sofiya Cheyenne as Big Julie is a noticed and an appreciated attempt to balance the systemic male gaze written into the script. His Latin-inspired twist, and casting of Hispanics in nearly every major role, is representative of our fast-growing population. And in doing so, DeGruccio helmed a production that looks like the great tapestry of America today."


"And I’ll just say right off the bat that the music and singing and dancing is all superlative in this production...a stellar cast

I really felt like I was in New York watching a top drawer Broadway of my favorite things I have seen at TUTS"


"The production features Latino performers in nearly all major roles...a rare opportunity to see non-white performers express the kind of sexuality, complexity, humor and agency rarely (almost never) granted to them during Broadway’s Golden Age.

It's an entire Big Apple circus of mythical creatures, out for nothing but a good time and that one lucky roll of the dice....the show's a pip."

Houston Press

"This run of “Guys and Dolls” featured a predominantly Hispanic cast and included a member with a disability. Other than the need for representation in media, this decision worked within the confine of the story’s setting and made sense considering the community of Houston is largely diverse.

The physical comedy was consistently brilliant throughout the show....experiencing it live at TUTS under the vision of this production team left one singing the lyrics for weeks after.

The Signal


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