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by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth
JANUARY 23, 2015

Stage Raw, Bob Verini




“Nick DeGruccio, does a skillful, sophisticated job mounting the musical theater perennial.”


“After my visit to Cabrillo I knew more about Company, and liked it more, than ever. I am thrilled, even relieved, to have seen it done right once more, and I urge theatergoers to take the opportunity to do likewise in the production’s last hurrahs.”


http://stageraw .com/2015/02/04/no-star-quality-in-company/





“Sleekly directed revival by Nick DeGruccio”


“…lovers of Sondheim's exquisitely detailed songs, will find a myriad of emotions hidden in the spaces between the words.”





Stage and Cinema


“Directed by the amazing Nick DeGruccio,…”





“…directed with abundant inspiration and flair by Nick DeGruccio.


With Nick DeGruccio doing his accustomed brilliant work alongside as topnotch as cast as any Company lover could wish for, Cabrillo Music Theatre’s revival of one of Stephen Sondheim’s more rarely produced gems is an all-around winner that no Sondheim buff (or just about anyone else who loves great musical theater) will want to miss.”



Onstage Los Angeles


“…a shimmering evening’s entertainment”



Haines His Way


“…director Nick DeGruccio and his cast and crew are creating magic by bringing Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s scathing look at New Yorkers and their marriages circa 1970 to vibrant life.  5 STARS”



Thousand Oaks Acorn


“Nick DeGruccio does his usual excellent job of directing…”

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