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World Premiere



By David L. Ray


NOVEMBER 27, 2010

This world premiere production is ably directed by three-time Ovation Award winner Nick DeGruccio keeping the action tight and smooth, funny where needed, and edge-of-the-seat tense otherwise. Expect to periodically shed some tears with your laughter.

    Gil Kaan, Edge


The whole cast (expertly directed by Nick DeGruccio) is excellent,  While “caught” means different things in the context of the play, it also reflects how the show has caught fire in Los Angeles. Entering its third month and second extension,  this is the word-of-mouth show to see. It will feed your mind, make you laugh and break your heart all at once.

    Kevin P. Taft, Frontiers


Directed with polish!

    Los Angeles Times


Award-winning director Nick DeGruccio has guided his superb cast in giving the audience an evening in the theater that will make you want to hold close the ones you love.  It's good to be caught being human and realizing it's OK.

    Chad Scott, The Advocate


Director Nick DeGruccio deftly takes Ray's strong and likable characters from page to stage, sparingly playing up stereotypes for comedy without ever reducing the characters to them. 

    LA Weekly


Incisively directed by Nick DeGruccio and featuring a couldn’t-be-better cast and one of the best design teams in town, Caught is a terrific 

    Steven Stanley, StageScene LA


For keeping the play from slipping over a cliff into sentimental self-parody, Ray owes a debt of gratitude to the stunning ensemble, precisely directed by Nick DeGruccio.  You know an ensemble is sizzling when there's as much conversation behind the lines as within them. 

    Steven Leight Morris, LA Weekly


CAUGHT—under the admirable direction of Nick DeGruccio—manages to move past the derivative in order to truly triumph as a genuinely riveting, enjoyable piece of living theater. The play handles the conflicts with an engaging sensitivity. The words and actions feel vividly real, from the funny, easy-going exchanges to even the emotional monologues many of the characters slip into on several key moments in the narrative. However, thanks to a likable cast of actors and a brisk pace set forth by DeGruccio's direction, CAUGHT does ascend its own devices to ultimately present itself as a touching, emotionally-searing, well-acted play.
    Broadway World, Michael L. Quintos


Caught is simply fine theater.  Fine theater indeed...a breakout hit.

    StageScene LA

2011 LA Weekly Theatre Award Nominations

Best Direction of a Play

Best Ensemble

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