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Barry Josephson presents


Written & Performed by Kahlil Ashanti


NOVEMBER 29, 2004

Winner of Best Play: 2004 Montreal Fringe Festival & 2004 Vancouver Fringe Festival

"Under Nick DeGruccio's imaginative guidance, inventive scenes follow after Ashanti is selected as one of the members of Tops in Blue,

an all active duty Air Force special unit made up of talented amateur performers.  Ashant's physical fluidity is so flexible that if feels as

though dozens of body parts are operating independently.  Ashanti handles 24 parts and makes them all distinctive. DeGruccio is fully

aware of his star's wide range and movingly shapes a sequence where Ashanti meets a seven-year-old girl dying of cancer."  

- Joel Hirschhorn, Variety


"Under the masterful directorial hand of Nick DeGruccio, Ashanti performs his redemptive tale with nonstop energy and world-class

humor.  ...inspiring the emergence of an extraordinary talent and a true survivor."  - Travis Michael Holder, BackStage West


"Nick DeGruccio's elegant direction provides a nuanced frame. Stephanie Kerley-Schwartz's setting of translucent panels, Steven Young's

lush lighting and Drew Dalzell's sound give top-drawer support"  - David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times


"Brilliant! For once the star deserved his standing ovation! Hopeful, upbeat, original and fascinating!"  - KABC Radio

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